The director of international and scientific cooperation of Amirkabir University of Technology held a common webinar with DFG on August 25th and 26th. Since among other universities and higher education institutes, AUT has the highest number of common cooperation accepted proposals to DFG throughout the last year, faculty members of this university have obtained great experience and knowledge in defining a project and writing proposals.
The 2-day webinar hosted presentations by three lecturers and participation of 150 other Iranian professors and researchers among 25 universities and institutes of the country. Professor George Gharepetian, Department of Electrical Engineering, Dr. Yurg Eshnider, head of international section of DFG, Ms. Dorta Fendel, expert of international section of DFG were the key lecturers.
The presented files and the videos of either sessions are available at:وبينار-مشترك-با-بنياد-پژوهش-آلمان/

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